How to Plan a Luau

Break out the grass skirts and coconut bras!

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast that is often used to celebrate a special occasion.  The word luau very closely translates to the word “party” in English, so celebrating your event with a luau theme is a great idea.  This Hawaiian themed party makes for a wonderful summer bash, so we have some luau party ideas to help make your party a special one.  Hopefully you already read our article on how to be a good host, so now we have some ideas on how you can make your luau special for you and your guests.


Flower leis are traditional luau attire.  Ancient Hawaiians wore these festive necklaces for a variety of celebratory reasons, including peace agreements between opposing chiefs.  Leis have become a symbol for Hawaiian culture, and no luau would complete without them.  Ideally, you should have enough leis on hand to make sure each guest has one as they arrive.  Welcome each person individually and place a lei around their neck as they arrive.  This Hawaiian greeting will make them feel at home and get them in the luau spirit.


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When throwing a luau, you want to create a party that you and your guests will remember for a long time to come.  Creating a photo opportunity will allow everyone to share the fun through their social media.  Door banners are vinyl banners that go in a doorway.  They have cutouts so that anyone can stand behind them and put their faces on the bodies of the characters.  They can turn any doorway in your house in your own private Hawaiian photo booth.  You can also create a backdrop of Hawaiian scenery for your guests to stand in front of.  Once you have your photo opportunity ready, create a special hashtag for your luau so that everyone celebrating with you can share it on social media.  You can even make signs for guests to hold or have a table of props to add a little fun to their photos.


you don’t need to hire a professional fire dancer for your luau party to be authentic.  Luckily for your guests, traditional Hawaiian cuisine includes many diverse and easy to prepare dishes.  Kalua pork, poke, and lomi lomi salmon are three traditional favorites that you can make yourself.  You can find these recipes and more by reading our article on 5 Easy Luau Food Ideas.  If you’re worried about picky eaters you can prepare more familiar dishes dressed up with a little Hawaiian flare.  Give a summertime favorite a luau makeover with these Hawaiian chicken kebabs.  Even normal barbecue fare like burgers and hotdogs can be dressed up for a luau with food picks and garnishes.



You’ve already taken care of the Hawaiian leis, but a luau theme party isn’t complete until you and your guests are decked out in luau attire.  Dressing the part can be as simple as wearing a hibiscus flower in your hair or sporting a Hawaiian shirt, but to really get festive, you shouldn’t overlook hula skirt.  Grass hula skirts are traditionally worn by both men and women, and are a nod to the traditional Polynesian dance that was originated in the Hawaiian islands.  Although the dance has evolved in modern times, its roots are in an ancient Polynesian ritual to honor the volcano goddess Pele.  If you are feeling extra bold, you can pair your hula skirt with a coconut bra.  Be sure to share the history of hula dancing with your guests, and maybe even challenge them to a hula competition!


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DECORATE YOUR PARTY SPACE LIKE A TROPICAL PARADISE has you covered in this department.  You can decorate with luau themed balloons, garland, party favors, table skirts and so much more.  Hibiscus flowers, tiki decorations, and anything tropical will generally set the scene for a beautiful summer luau.  Your guests will appreciate the visuals that create a vibrant backdrop for your Hawaiian celebration.  Going over the top is half the fun when picking a specific theme for a party, so don’t be afraid to go overboard.  Shop our luau theme party supplies to add the finishing touches to your tropical bash.

Now you’re prepared to throw a perfect luau themed party.  for more party tips, recipes, and advice, check out our Facebook and follow us on twitter

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