5 Easy Luau Recipes with Pineapple


If you’re planning a luau this summer, you’ll probably want to create a menu that reflects your theme.  Although this sweet, warm weather fruit used to be a symbol of status and wealth, it now widely available and synonymous with tropical weather and summertime fun.  To help you with creating your Hawaiian themed menu, here are five luau food ideas that include pineapple.  Not included in this list is the wildly controversial and much debated Hawaiian pizza.  Parties are meant to bring people together, and pineapple on pizza is way too divisive an issue for us to tackle in such a short article.  Without further ado, here are five simple and easy luau food ideas with pineapple:
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How to Plan a Luau

Break out the grass skirts and coconut bras!

A luau is a traditional Hawaiian feast that is often used to celebrate a special occasion.  The word luau very closely translates to the word “party” in English, so celebrating your event with a luau theme is a great idea.  This Hawaiian themed party makes for a wonderful summer bash, so we have some luau party ideas to help make your party a special one.  Hopefully you already read our article on how to be a good host, so now we have some ideas on how you can make your luau special for you and your guests.

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