10 Fun Baby Shower Games to Get the Party Going

So, you’re throwing a baby shower and you need some game ideas that won’t put your guests to sleep.  There are hundreds to choose from, so we scoured the internet for the top 10 baby shower games that will have your family and friends laughing and having fun.

1) Don’t Say Baby

Don't Say Baby
the D Spot

Don’t Say Baby is always a hit because it’s more of an activity than a game.  It lasts the entire party and is more of a passive game.  The concept is simple: ask each guest to attach clothespins to their outfits when they arrive, and if they slip up and say the word baby, they lose a pin.  The person that collects the most pins wins a prize.

(Via The D Spot)

2) Celebrity Baby Name Game

Celebrity Baby Name Game
My Party Games

Celebrities often give their children unique and sometimes strange names.  This game involves matching the celebrity babies to their parents.  You can create your own list, find a free printable one, or even print pictures to show your guests.

(Via My Party Games)

3) The Price is Right: Baby Edition

Price Is Right Baby Shower Game
Frugal Fanatic

Make a list of common baby-related items like bottles, baby food, diapers, etc.  Before the shower, write down the price of the items and have your guests guess the value à la The Price is Right.  Whoever’s guess is closest without going over wins!

(Via Frugal Fanatic)

4) Drink Up, Baby

Drink Up Baby Game

This game can include all ages, or be adults only.  The game is simple; the participants attempt to drink the beverage of choice through a baby bottle in the fastest time.  Kids and the mother-to-be can easily be included by playing with juice, but an adults only version using alcohol will be a hit for your guests who appreciate adult beverages.

5) Guess the Baby Picture

guess baby picture

This game involves matching your guests to their baby pictures.  For this game, you need to ask everyone to bring a baby picture of themselves.  Number or letter the pictures and create a display for them.  Then, print sheets with your guests names and have them guess which baby is which person.


6) Blindfolded Diaper Relay

Blindfolded Diaper Changing
The Apothecakery

in this game, your guests race to put a diaper on a doll the fastest while blindfolded.  This game is especially fun at coed baby showers, or if you want to put the dad-to-be on the spot.  You would be shocked how many people can’t change a diaper, let alone while blindfolded!

(Via The Apothecakery)

7) Mom or Dad?

mom or dad

This trivia game is a contest to see which guests know the parents the best.  This requires you to think of question beforehand.  The questions can be related to the pregnancy (who picked the name), or related to the parents themselves (who asked who out).  This game is both fun and sentimental, and can get competitive.

8) Guess the Baby Food

Guess the Baby Food
Domestic Charm

This is a silly and slightly gross game in which you have your guests tastes baby food and try to guess the flavor.  Some might be hesitant to take a spoonful of these pureed treats, but that’s half the fun.  Have them write down their guesses and give the winner a prize.

(Via Domestic Charm)

9) How Big is Mom’s Belly?measure moms belly

You should probably check with mom to make sure she’s OK with this game before you set it up.  All you need is yarn and scissors to play this fun baby shower game.  Hopefully the mom-to-be isn’t insulted by the guesses as each guest cuts a length of yarn that they think is closest to fitting around the expectant mother’s pregnant belly.  As long as mom is OK with it, this game has the potential to be hilarious.

10) My Water Broke!

My Water Broke
My Healthy Happy Home

This is a passive baby shower game that even your shy guests will enjoy.  For this game, you need to freeze miniature baby figures into a tray off ice cubes.  You give each guest a cube, and when it melts, they yell out “my water broke.”  Whoever yells out first wins.  This is a simple and laid back game that is a lot of fun.

(Via My Healthy Happy Home)


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