10 Delicious 4th of July Drink Recipes

While searching around the internet for no bake 4th of July desserts for the last article, I kept stumbling across red, white, and blue drink recipes.  Since nothing’s better than a cold, stiff drink on a warm July day, I decided to round up some of the best 4th of July drink recipes that I came across on Pinterest, various blogs, and everywhere in between.  Try one of these out at your 4th of July BBQ and let us know how it goes in the comments.

  1. Red White and Blue Sangria (via Recipe Girl)
credit: recipe girl

2) Blueberry Coconut Sparkler  (Via Spiced)

credit: spiced


3) Boozy Red, White, and Blue Snow Cones (Via Clinton Kelly)

boozy snow cone
credit: clinton kelly


4) The Firecracker (Via Creative Culinary) 

credit: creative culinary


5) 4th of July Wine Sparklers (Via The Kitchn)

wine sparklers
credit: the kitchn

6) Blueberry Mojito (Via Baking Beauty)

credit: baking beauty

7) 4th of July All American Jello Shots (Via Tipsy Bartender)

credit: tipsy bartender


8) Firecracker Margarita (Via As the Bunny Hops)

credit: as the bunny hops


9) Red, White, and Blue Vodka Lemonade Slush (Via Homemade Hooplah)

credit: homemade hooplah

10) Ocean Water Punch (Via the Country Cook)

credit: the country cook


There are hundreds if not thousands of drink recipes for red, white, and blue cocktails, but these are the highest quality recipes I could find.   Most are very simple and shouldn’t be too hard for you to pull off at your party or BBQ.  Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on more articles like this, and check out our store for the lowered prices on the last of our 4th of July inventory.

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