5 Easy No-Bake 4th of July Desserts

These 4th of July desserts are a fun way to get creative and show your patriotic side without firing up the oven.  Not only are they the perfect way to show off a little red, white, and blue, but they will also satisfy your sweet-tooth before you settle down with your loved ones to watch the fireworks.  There are endless 4th of July dessert recipes circulating around the web, so we curated a few of the best ones to save you the work.  These recipes are easy enough for anyone to make and are relatively quick, so hey, why not make more than one?

    1) No Bake Patriotic Cake

no bake flag cake 042
Mommy’s Kitchen

This is an easy recipe that uses store bought pound cake to keep your kitchen a little bit cooler and to cut down on time.  The strawberry glaze and whipped cream topping sweeten the dish, while with fresh blueberries and strawberries add a refreshing touch that will be welcome in the summer heat.  Since there is no baking required, this recipe is great for beginners, or those who are short on time.  You can check out the recipe by clicking the link below.

(Recipe via Mommy’s Kitchen)

2) Red, White, and Blue Jello Cups

Savory Experiments

This is another no-bake recipe.  Although it may be a little more time consuming, it is still easy enough for anyone to do.  It’s as simple as making jello one color at a time and layering in a cup or glass.  Top with fruit, whip cream, candy, or any other festive topping to finish off the dessert and serve.  Check out 10 Delicious 4th of July Drink Recipes for some other booze related drink ideas.

(Recipe via Savory Experiments)

3) Red White and Boozy Shakes

These cool and boozy shakes will definitely be a hit with the adults at your party, but this recipe from Delish can be made kid-friendly by using food coloring and removing the liquor.  The layered shakes look impressive with whipped cream and red, white, and blue sprinkles, and the adult version includes Curaçao and vodka for your guests who wish to partake.  Be sure to make enough, because this will be one of the most popular 4th of July Desserts on the menu.

(Recipe via Delish)

4) 4th of July Tie-Dyed Fudge

taste and tell

4th of July Tie-Dyed Fudge was created by accident when a toddler threw a temper tantrum right in the middle of a red, white, and blue layered fudge recipe.  In a last ditch effort, the mom swirled the colors and what came out was a wonderful patriotic no-bake recipe!  See the recipe and check out the story by clicking the link below.

(Recipe via Taste and Tell)

5) Fourth of July Rice Krispies Treats

Lil’ Tuna

Did you just find out Rice Krispies treats weren’t made in the oven?  Me too.  Using red and blue food dye, these delicious 4th of July Desserts can be made with just a microwave.  This is an extremely easy recipe to make, and the layered look might trick your friends into thinking you spent all day in the kitchen.

(Recipe via Lil’ Tuna)

So there you have it, five lovely no-bake 4th of July dessert recipes that will keep your kitchen cool and your free time intact.  With the time you saved in the kitchen, you can celebrate this wonderful country with your friends and family a little longer.  For more posts like this and to keep up with us a we grow, follow us on twitter

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