How to be a Good Host

When we choose to host a party, we expect our guests to have a lot of fun, but parties also serve a bigger purpose in life. Parties are how we celebrate joyous and momentous occasions. They are a time to come together with family and friends, giving us the chance to catch up with each other, tell stories, and reconnect. A party may give us the chance to spend some time with a relative who has traveled from far away, or an opportunity to network and make an addition to our social circle. Hosting a party gives you the chance to bring together good times and good company, a time that can be used to make memories that last a life time. As the host of a party, you can help let the good times roll by making your guests feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. In fact, this is your responsibility as a good host. In this article, we will examine some helpful tips that you can use to be a good party host for your guests

Make sure you plan in advance

One of the best ways to ensure that your guests are happy and everything goes smoothly is to take the time to plan in advance. There are so many elements to prepare for that it’s best to get out a pen and paper and make a checklist. Grocery shopping, food prep, decorations, party favors, music, and tables and chairs all take some time and planning, and by being thorough and writing it down, you eliminate the possibility that you’ll overlook some details. Planning in advance will help you have everything ready to go when your guests arrive. You don’t want the first people there to catch you in a bath towel making spinach dip because you forgot to do it the night before. Take care of everything in advance and you’ll have less to stress about, allowing you to focus entirely on your guests.

Party Tip: Planning ahead also allows some extra time for you to get creative. Check out our Pinterest for fun and crafty and DIY party ideas.

Give everyone a warm greeting

As a good host, you should take the chance to make your guests feel comfortable as soon as they arrive. Now is the time for handshakes and hugs and to welcome them to your home or party. Taking the time to offer each guest an individual greeting allows you to touch base and introduce them to any other guests that they don’t know. Nobody likes to arrive at a party feeling like they are on the outskirts of the socializing so this step is very important in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Greeting them individually also gives you the chance to take their coats so that they can make themselves at home.

Offer food and drink

After the greetings and introductions are out of the way, a good host will stay in hospitality mode. If you’ve taken my advice and planned ahead, you probably have a nice spread already prepared and setup. Offer each guest a drink and show them where snacks are as soon as they get there. If you want to go above and beyond with your hospitality, pour their drink for them. There’s a reason that “eat, drink, and be merry” is such a famous phrase. The three go together very well. A party is a time to come together, celebrate, and forget about life’s little worries as we spend time with loved ones. Your job as a host is to keep the refreshments coming as your guests join you in celebration.

Have some entertainment prepared

You don’t need a professional clown troupe or fire jugglers to keep your guests entertained, but sitting around in a quiet room can be boring for adults no matter how good the conversation is. If there are a lot of kids in attendance, having no entertainment can turn a birthday party into a wrecking crew in almost no time. Having some games and some music on hand is always a good idea. As a good host, your objective is to have a fun, lively party for your guests, so putting some thought into the entertainment department pays off. Creating a playlist ahead of time will allow some background music for your party without the need for a DJ. You can prepare some games based on your party theme or the type of party itself. The options are endless.

Extra trashcans are convenient for your guests and make the clean up easy

During a party in which disposable cups and plates are used, the trash can pile up very quickly. It is in the best interest of both you and your guests to have plenty of places to dispose of it. You’ll be able to cut lose and have a little more fun knowing that the clean up isn’t going to be that big, and your guests don’t have to take their minds off the party to look for place to dispose of waste or feel awkward walking around carrying trash in their hands. It’s the simple details like this that make everything run a little smoother.

Party Hack: You can use pop-up mesh hampers as trashcans. Simply open them up and line with a trash bag. They are cheap, lightweight, and don’t take up much space.

Have Fun

Now that you’re prepared to be the best possible host to your guests, you can relax and have fun.  It is a celebration, after all.

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